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Honing the Heart-Brain Connection to Enhance Energy and Optimise Performance

Thursday 18th April 2024, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

Coherent Singing (CS) is a programme developed by Brenda Belohoubek, a singer, educator, and mental health counsellor. It is an adaptation of HeartMath® exercises that are specifically designed to help singers optimise their performance by managing accumulated stress through Heart Coherence. This programme teaches participants to harness energy and transition from a state of Depletion to Renewal™, ultimately breaking through self-limiting patterns and achieving synchronization, increased energy, and creative problem-solving abilities for optimal psychological and physiological well-being during musical performances.

The HeartMath® system includes a unique form of biofeedback that focuses on the heart-brain connection through heart rhythm coherence. It has been extensively researched and adopted by over 10,000 health professionals, hospitals, and organisations. This course will adapt these techniques for singers, enabling you to reach a high-performance state and maintain your overall health, allowing for greater creative potential and optimal performance.

By joining this course, you will tap into the power of heart rhythm coherence and experience the benefits it brings to your singing journey. You will unlock an incredible release of neurochemicals that heighten your emotional system, resulting in enhanced clarity of thought. Embracing higher vibrational energy will provide you with the ability to effortlessly manage your energies, actions, intentions and reactions both on and off the stage. This not only elevates your singing abilities but also opens the door to synchronicities and gives you clear choices when performing and honing your craft.

As you strengthen your experience of coherent heart feelings and integrate them into your system through intentional practice, you can improve various aspects of your singing, such as phrasing, rhythm, vocal clarity, artistic expression, and creativity. Furthermore, this alignment of heart coherence helps eliminate negative patterns stored in the cells, freeing up more power and energy for creative intention.

Take your vocal journey to new heights and unlock your true artistic potential by aligning your heart, mind, and nervous system. Embrace the power of Coherent Singing today.

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Brenda Belohoubek

Brenda Belohoubek is a NJ State Certified music teacher, internationally certified ESL instructor, internationally certified ABNLP NLP practitioner and life coach. She manages a rapidly growing virtual studio (BB Studio via Go Full Circle, LLC) for voice, flute, piano, meditation, wellness, and life coaching.

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