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Lip Sync for the Win: Turn your voice off to turn your senses ON!

Tuesday 7th November 2023, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM (London Time)

This interactive and experiential workshop has transformative powers for a singer and pedagogue. We will use the body’s feedback to discover a fuller vocal capacity from the inside out, increasing interoception while embodying connections between the intention to voice and elements of vocal technique and performance. This workshop seamlessly integrates aspects of audiation, motor imagery and expression with intention and attention and will expand your own singing and your teaching toolbox.

How will we do all of this? By turning the voice OFF!

When you are singing out loud, your resources for awareness become more limited, but when you eliminate phonation from your practice, you can tap into new sensations that uncover how you’re doing what you’re doing and draw from the internal intelligence already within your body, simplifying the learning process. This workshop is wholistic, creative, and bottom-up in its approach to learning and teaching voice. Most importantly, it is a student-centred one that will facilitate a process of discovery for any student from beginner to professional.

Come prepared with something to sing (on mute)!

🏷️ Price £30 (UK VAT inclusive)
🎥 Recording automatically sent to all who book (even if you cannot attend live)
▶️ Rewatch as many times as you like
📜 Certificate of attendance available

Jeremy Mossman

Jeremy Ryan Mossman is a teacher of voice, movement, and wholistic expression, currently living in Ontario, Canada. He earned a Bachelor of Music in Musical...

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