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Scaffolding Voice Acoustics into Your Teaching with VoceVista

Wednesday 29th May 2024, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

Voice acoustics concepts are valuable to those of us who want to merge technique and artistic intent efficiently and sustainably. Singing voice acoustics can also be conceptually challenging for those new to the subject. Presenting too much information or moving too quickly can leave students feeling overwhelmed.

Join us to explore ways to use the visual feedback VoceVista software ( provides to layer acoustics concepts into your studio voice and lyric diction teaching practices in bite-sized increments that help students feel excited to learn more.

This session assumes you are familiar with VoceVista, and that you may already use it in a voice pedagogy learning space (if not, then we recommend attending the introductory session first). We will jump right in and discuss how the programme can be used in an intentional way to introduce acoustics concepts to students in applied lessons and diction classes.

We will explore strategies for layering ideas in an accessible sequence, moving from aspects of the sung sound that are easiest to visualize - pitch accuracy, onsets, articulation, and vibrato - to more challenging concepts like registration and timbral choices. We will explore ways to weave acoustics in as we teach lyric diction concepts including diphthongs, lengthened vowels and double consonants, and open and close vowels.

I will share classroom exercises and homework assignments, and we can brainstorm together about ways to apply the technology to help your students build up the voice science section of their 'practice toolbox'.

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Dana Zenobi

Dana Zenobi enjoys a multi-faceted career as a performer, teacher, and voice pedagogy scholar. A champion of art song by women, her 2022 album and annotated score anthology...

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