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Singing for Health Network Series Workshop 5: Singing for Parkinson's

Thursday 10th December 2020, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

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Health and wellbeing: Singing for Parkinson’s


  • The student will gain a holistic understanding of the symptoms of Parkinson’s.
  • The student will understand the neural, cognitive, and motor learning challenges present within sessions.
  • Teachers and facilitators will experience how to use their existing knowledge of vocal pedagogy and body mapping to create an enhanced singing programme specifically targeting the needs of their clients.


  • Can recognise and react appropriately to Parkinson’s symptoms within a singing session.
  • Can deigns targeted exercises to enhance the therapeutic benefits of sing for Parkinson’s classes.
  • Can begin to develop a toolkit of strategies that can support motor learning.
  • Can develop safe working practices for themselves and their clients.


What is Parkinson’s?

  • An overview of symptoms and the possible profile of our clients
  • Established therapies
  • The benefits for people with Parkinson’s of being part of a sing for Parkinson’s programme


What the research suggests

  • The neurological and cognitive implications of Parkinson’s for the singers.
  • Skill acquisition and motor learning in a choral Parkinson’s class.

Putting theory into practice.

  • Integrating research and a knowledge of singing pedagogy to enhance the therapeutic outcomes for a Parkinson’s vocal session

Break out groups 1

Develop aims and objectives for:

  1. One targeted physical warm-up
  2. One vocal exercise
  3. Suggest a song that demonstrates how you will develop these exercises.
  4. Reflection in action: consider how you may need to adapt to the clients learning needs.

Setting up a Sing for Parkinson’s Group.

Break out group 2

Things to consider

  • A question of diversity.
  • What are the barriers to attendance?
  • Thinking about a community approach.
  • What are my biases and assumptions as I teach the class?

Health and safety round-up

References and Bibliography

Elizabeth Drwal Stuttard

Elizabeth is a Vocal Coach and Choral Facilitator, Community Dance Facilitator and Researcher...

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