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Structure – Tongue – Phonation. It’s a full body sport

Thursday 16th November 2023, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

The human voice, an extraordinary instrument, can convey extremes like the terror of a scream to the beauty of a song in a moment. Although it is the larynx that gets most attention in phonation, when looking at singers one can observe almost all body systems being involved. It is the result of the complex interaction between the generation of force to move air from the lungs, the modification of airflow from the larynx, and the resonance of the pharyngeal, oral, and nasal cavities.

To achieve a healthy phonation, it requires a finely tuned athletic apparatus. A symphony of muscular interaction is needed to produce the desired pitch on command. That is true within various groups of muscles such as the respiratory muscles, the laryngeal muscles, and the tongue muscles. The latter are particularly interesting, since many voice users (that includes singers, actors, teachers, coaches, therapist etc.) and scientists are in agreement that the tongue is a crucial part in singing as well as speaking. Yet, there is no literature that solely addresses that organ and its acoustical influence in the context of a technique; in other words, how can I manipulate/execute it for my purpose and why? What at all does the tongue actually effect/influence?

In this workshop, the audience will be guided through some basic anatomical insights and visual demonstrations of the tongue as well as the entire body structure, breathing, and support. Somatic Exercises of various strategies will help the understanding and the application of concepts such as posture ('Tensegrity'), breathing, support, and the modification of the tongue. By working with ultrasound and imagery derived from ultrasound, Angelika Nair has found a regimen of exercises combined with step-by-step instructions and pedagogical tools that help accelerate the learning of various vocal strategies (physio-acoustic) and improve the multitudinous challenges of sensory awareness, flexibility and control within the tongue.

For the Q & A, participants are welcome to submit and/or bring their own examples (as PDF) that they have questions to and/or would like to work on in advance (please email:

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Angelika Nair

Angelika Nair, Ph.D., is a professional singer, Vocologist, voice pedagogue, and owner of Pro Voce LLC, a voice studio providing private vocal instruction...

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