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Tuvan Overtone Throat Singing

Tuesday 14th May 2024, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

This two-hour class on Tuvan throat singing will be an opportunity to learn five different styles of overtone singing that first originated in Central Asia. Several styles can be learned quite quickly while others are more complex and require deeper study. This class is great for singers of all levels from absolute beginners to professionals.

Tuvan overtone singing is an entirely unique category in its technique regardless of one’s singing experience. This will be an experiential based class where participants will be guided through different exercises and vocal expressions in generating the five styles of singing listed below. Everyone who attends this class will experience a powerful and deep activation of their voice, natural vibratory resonance, capacity for creativity, healing, and self-expression.

  • Kargyraa – Deep, bassy, guttural vibrational singing that Tibetan monks are famous for using in prayer and mantra recitation
  • Khoomei – Mid-tone range singing with rich overtones and deep tonality
  • Sygyt – High pitched and piercing singing that represents the merging of Heaven and Earth – sounds like a shrieking whistle or an alien visitor
  • Khorekteer (Xorexteer) – A high-pitched, wailing singing style famous in Tuva that is often used to pronounce lyrics, mantra, or prayers
  • Western Overtone Singing – The western version of a simplified Tuvan Sygyt that almost anyone can learn – can sound hauntingly beautiful when refined to a high expression
🏷️ Price £30 (UK VAT inclusive)
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Jerry Walsh

Jerry Walsh has been walking the path of dharma and meditation for 16 years and has been a student of the shamanic traditions for 12 years, undergoing intensive initiations under the guidance of his teacher, Maestro Manuel Rufino. Jerry is a gifted vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. He is a member of the sound meditation ensemble, Dream Seed, and...

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