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Universal Design for Voice Teaching (UDVT)

Tuesday 18th June 2024, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

The Singer Cues!

Universal Design for Voice Teaching (UDVT) is a singer-led, diversity-affirming, accessibility and support-needs based pedagogical framework.

It is a structure designed to help voice educators intentionally facilitate inclusive learning spaces for singers of all abilities.


Questions to consider:

  • “What is your perception of disability?”
  • “What do you understand about neurodivergence?
  • “Are you currently upholding pedagogical biases?”
  • “Can you adjust the ways you engage with different learners?”
  • “Are you aware?”
  • “Are you supported?”
  • “Are you equipped?”


UDVT fosters awareness, support, and readiness for educators working with singers of all abilities. It is an expansion of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) guidelines, developed by the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST) where their aim is to transform educational design “until learning has no limits.”


This course will introduce UDVT basics as we discuss its scope and structure. We will unpack three major networks active and necessary in the learning process:

  1. Engagement (a singer’s “why”)
  2. Representation (a singer’s “what”)
  3. Action and Expression (a singer’s “how”)


Engagement - umbrellas the “why” of learning to internalize each singer’s purpose and motivation.

Representation - umbrellas the “what” of learning to promote each singer’s resourcefulness and knowledge.

Action and Expression - umbrellas the “how” of learning to support each singer’s strategy and goal-direction.


You’ll finish this course with a clear understanding of the UDL guidelines, intersecting models of disability, singer support-needs, The Singer Cues, as well as clear actions to create more inclusive and accessible voice practices and spaces.


UDVT invites singers with all ways of being to access technical and artistic success within the voice studio and beyond!


Let’s make it UDVT!

Adam J Moxness

Adam is an Instructor of Theatre and Music Theatre Voice in the Conservatory for the Performing Arts at Viterbo University.

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