An Introduction To Overtone Singing

With Wolfgang Saus
Thursday 26th January 2023 5-7pm GMT

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‘Overtone singing is a vocal technique that creates the auditory impression of polyphony by filtering individual overtones from the sound spectrum of the voice by controlling the resonances in the vocal tract in such a way that they are perceived as separate tones. [(Saus 2004)]’

During this workshop, Wolfgang will lead us through how overtone singing works with a demonstration of techniques ‘The resonance in the mouth and throat are combined with tongue, lip and jaw movements in such a way that individual overtones become so loud that they are perceived as individual tones.’

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Overtone singer, classical baritone, singing teacher, voice coach, voice researcher, author. Likes to spend his free time working. Is rarely found at home, always on the move in the world. Often finds out new things about the sound of the voice and its effects. Loves composed overtone music. Occasionally sounds unprompted. Sings with mosquitoes and dolphins. Still remembers the first moon landing. Mainly uses his apartment in Aachen to repack his suitcases. But has a guest room ready for spontaneous visitors. Looks out of his kitchen window at the sky over Holland

Thursday 26th January 2023 5-7pm GMT

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