Matt Edwards is one of the leading voice teachers for commercial and musical theatre styles in the United States. He is currently an Associate Professor and Coordinator of Musical Theatre Voice at Shenandoah Conservatory. He is also Artistic Director of the Contemporary Commercial Music Vocal Pedagogy Institute.

Edwards’ vocal interests encompass many styles. He has performed numerous roles in plays, musicals, and operas. Former and current students have performed on American Idol, Broadway, off-Broadway, on national and international tours, and in bands touring throughout the United States. He has written numerous articles for the Journal of Singing, Journal of Voice, VoicePrints, American Music Teacher, The Voice, Southern Theatre, and Voice Council magazine. He authored “So You Want to Sing Rock ‘N’ Roll” and the second edition “So You Want to Sing Rock” and has contributed chapters to “A Dictionary for the Modern Singer,” “Vocal Athlete,” “Manual of Singing Voice Rehabilitation,” “Get the Callback,” “The Voice Teacher’s Cookbook,” and the CCM, Sacred Music, Gospel, A Cappella, and Country editions of the “So You Want to Sing” book series.

He has presented at the National Association of Teachers of Singing National Conference, Voice Foundation Annual Symposium, Acoustical Society of America, Southeastern Theatre Conference, Musical Theatre Educators Alliance, Pan-American Vocology Association, at dozens of universities, NATS Chapters, and professional organizations throughout the world.

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A Strategic Approach to Developing Mix and Belt
Thursday 15th August 2024
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
(London Time)

A Strategic Approach to Developing Mix and Belt

Matt Edwards

Mix and belt are vocal qualities found throughout commercial and musical theatre styles of singing. While some singers naturally develop these vocal qualities on their own without the need for a structured approach, others need to fine tune their motor system with a strategic progression of exercises to fully coordinate their instrument.