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Free Your Voice: Learn To Do Self Laryngeal Massage
with Melanie Tapson
Thursday 7th April 5:00-6:30pm (UK time)

Feeling confident doing laryngeal massage comes down to knowing what to touch, where to find it, when it’s helpful, why you’d want to, and how to know if it’s working.

This workshop will offer an introduction to laryngeal massage, a technique designed to help release tension for a clearer, more comfortable voice.

Starting with the basics of vocal anatomy and including tips to identify and landmark important laryngeal structures, it will include hands-on practice of the primary laryngeal massage techniques that voice clinicians use to facilitate the release of tension during voice therapy.

This course is for singing teachers and appropriately qualified clinical practitioners wishing to gain an understanding of self-massage.

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Melanie Tapson is a professional singer, Singing Voice Specialist, and speech-language pathologist whose practice specializes in voice assessment and therapy, primarily for professional voice users and performers.

She obtained a fine arts degree in jazz performance in both voice and drums, an education degree in senior level vocal music and drama, and a Master of Science in SLP, all focused on voice.

Melanie has enjoyed a long career as a performer, including time spent working for Disney Cruise Line and touring with a Juno Award winning band.

She also maintains a variety of professional designations including serving as the Canadian and Eastern Hemisphere governor for the Pan American Vocology Association and she holds a Certificate in Performing Arts Health from the Performing Arts Medicine Association and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Melanie is invested in staying on top of current trends in both research and therapeutic interventions in voice care.

She routinely presents at international forums to both broaden and deepen her knowledge and skills in voice and voice disorders.

Melanie also holds an Adjunct Lecturer position in the Faculty of Medicine at UofT and regularly gives workshops to voice users, voice teachers, and SLPs around the globe.

Thursday 7th April 5:00-6:30pm

This course is free for Voice Study Centre's MA/PGCert students and £30 otherwise.

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