Building Rigour into the Literature Review Process: Literature Review Methodology, Searches and Qualitative Data
with Debbie Winter
Tuesday 8th February 2022 at 1-2pm (UK time)

This course will be recorded and sent out to all pre-registered participants to watch in their own time.

Course Details

Since the rise of Cochrane and the systematic review process, there has been a call for a greater degree of rigour in qualitative literature reviews. Qualitative Literature reviews require:

– A methodology

– A clearly defined and transparent search strategy

– Evidence of rigorous inclusion/exclusion criteria


This session will:

– Give an example of ‘hermeneutics’ applied to research processes

– Explore the underpinning principles that shape and determine the research strategy

– Building inclusion and exclusion criteria based on a hermeneutic perspective

– Explore the practicalities of the search strategy. Keywords versus relevance, barriers to qualitative research, backward chaining and citation searches, creating a pearl growing strategy


It is suitable for postgraduate students/researchers and anyone with an interest in research.

About Debbie Winter

Debbie Winter (LLB Hons, MA) lectured in Law and sang professionally on the jazz scene before deciding to change careers and become a vocal coach. She noticed a lack of high-quality training provision and certification opportunities, which led to the development of Voice Workshop Ltd. Debbie worked in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University and leading pedagogues to develop a unique training pathway in Professional Practice and Vocal Pedagogy. She has recently established a second MA in Performance Coaching and is currently creating content with leading specialists. UWTSD has recognised Voice Workshop Ltd to be a Centre of Excellence.

Since the MA began, Debbie has mentored and examined the Postgraduate students through the pathway. She is the academic lead responsible for recruiting the lecturing staff, designing and modifying the syllabus, lecturing in qualitative research methods, and managing the student projects. Debbie was also nominated for the Student-Led Teaching Fellowship awards for her outstanding work on the programme at Cardiff Metropolitan University and is the only external provider to receive such recognition. The programme was also shortlisted for the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence ‘Outstanding Music Educational Product’ in 2019.

Debbie has also, recently established the popular, rapidly growing Facebook group Voice Geek, which consists of 4.7k members. This popular discussion forum shares and discusses new research involving the voice. The Voice Geek conferences have enabled new researchers to present alongside leading pedagogues. The Voice Geek Conference ran successfully online during the first Pandemic Lockdown, generating £3,000 in aid of Help Musicians.

Debbie has also authored two articles, published in peer-reviewed journals:

Piloting a New Model for Treating Music Performance Anxiety: Training a Singing Teacher to Use Acceptance and Commitment Coaching With a Student Teresa A. Shaw, David G. Juncos and Debbie Winter

Voicing a Practitioner Research Methodology: Further Framing the Conversation

Debbie is also on the Editorial Board of VSR published by Routledge.

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