Models, Concepts and Methods of Vocal Education
with Dr. Motje Wolf
Thursday 9th December 1-2pm (UK time)

This course will be recorded and sent out to all pre-registered participants to watch in their own time.
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Course Details

There are many different ways of thinking about Vocal Pedagogy. Concepts have arisen over centuries and in its richness, the field of Vocal Pedagogy can also be overwhelming.  Analysing teachers’ and students’ knowledge is complex.

This lunchtime lecture will address opportunities for evaluation and self-reflection through offering a systematic overview of vocal pedagogy (based on Wolf 2019). In order to achieve this, we will look at teacher knowledge (Shulman 1987, 1988), analyse our own knowledge with the help of the 3-Tier-Model of Vocal pedagogy (Wolf 2019) and look at students’ assessment with the help of the Taxonomy of Vocal Pedagogy (Wolf 2019, based on Anderson and Krathwohl 2001).

Finally, there will be time to discuss how we can make sure that relevant research knowledge will be part of every vocal studio. A solution to this could be the MESHguide project ( which shares research results with practitioners.  

About Dr. Motje Wolf

Dr Motje Wolf was awarded a PhD in Music Education from De Montfort University Leicester (UK) and an MA from the University of Leipzig (Germany) in Musicology and Dramatics. Her research focuses on vocal pedagogy, epistemology and pedagogic knowledge exchange.

She is fascinated by knowledge: who holds it, how is it constituted and shared, how has it developed? Hence, her current research projects include the investigation of Models in Vocal Education (MOVE) where she investigates knowledge models in vocal pedagogy.

Furthermore, Dr Wolf is the Editor-in-Chief of the Music MESHGuide project aiming to share relevant pedagogic research with music (and singing) teachers globally. Dr Wolf is an active member in the European Association of Music in Schools, where she is part of the steering committee of the Special Focus Group ‘Singing in Music Education’.

Moreover, she sits on the editorial board of the International Journal of Research in Choral Singing. She is a Trustee of the Sing Up Foundation and a member of the Mary Seacole Research Centre at De Montfort University Leicester, UK, where she also holds a position as Senior Lecturer in Education. As part of this role, she carries out research and works with Undergraduate and PhD students in Music Education. Dr Wolf also works as a mezzo-soprano, choir conductor and singing teacher.

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