A Global Community of Short Course Attendees

Saturday 3rd February 2024

Since our incorporation in 2017, we are rapidly building an international reputation as a provider of excellence, having already achieved high regard at a national level. Our MA Voice Pedagogy students are spread far and wide, and that notion extends to voice professionals who attended our weekly online short courses last year. We’re proud to announce that our short course programme attracted attendees from no fewer than 71 countries throughout 2023!

While the majority of course attendees came from the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia or mainland Europe, there were also global sign-ups from six South American countries, alongside Japan, China, India, South Korea, South Africa, several Caribbean islands, and even the French overseas territory of Réunion in the Indian Ocean! The map below shows the full range of countries.

While the closest short course attendee geographically was only a mere 10 miles away, it was a close call for the furthest away and, among those attending from New Zealand, one participant clocked in at 11,621 miles from our head office here in CO7 6QT! Oh, the wonders of Zoom!

As the year drew on, we saw a gradual increase in the number of different countries with people expanding their voice professional training and continuing their professional development through attending our short courses. The course with the largest number of countries with people attending was our very own Kerrie Obert’s ‘False Vocal Folds: Truths and Fallacies’ course on Saturday 21st October 2023, which attracted attendees from 21 different countries!

We hope to extend our global reach even further and welcome singing teachers, voice coaches, SLTs, SLPs and other voice professionals from even more countries to our short courses this coming year.

2023 short course attendees map

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