Working With Young Voices ITOL Certificate with Olivia Sparkhall

This 5-week course provides an introduction to working with children's voices, covering topics such as warm-ups and exercises, the changing voice from infancy to late teens, vocal health, and common issues affecting young voices like dysphonia and mental health.

Summer Immersive

5 week course: Wednesday's 5th June - 10th July 2024

Time 5-7pm London Time

  • Fully online, live classed led by Olivia Sparkhall
  • This course offers evidence-based teaching with references for further reading.
  • Participants engage directly with exercises, empowering them to apply techniques in their own teaching.
  • Interactive sessions include pauses for discussion, questions, and observations.
  • Accredited by The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL)


Welcome to Voice Study Centre’s Voice Professional Certificate programme. We will be offering a series of micro-credentials to develop learning, teaching and boost your CV. This is one of them!

Tutor: Olivia Sparkhall

What makes the course special?


  • Evidence-based teaching, with references provided for further reading.
  • Trying out the exercises helps you to learn their effectiveness and empowers you to use them in your own teaching.

Pauses for discussion, questions, observations, and clarification are an essential part of Olivia's teaching practice and participants should expect to be able to interact with Olivia and each other during each session. For those watching on catch-up there is the opportunity to engage in a discussion via email. Jotting down key concepts and take-aways is also encouraged during the course of each session.

This is a certified course, accredited by ITOL. Although assessment will not be onerous, it will be essential to complete the tasks in order to pass the course. The assessment requirements will be made clear in the first session.

This course is fully accredited by The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL).

Upon completion of the course, you will receive an official ITOL-accredited certificate, a badge for your website/social media and a profile on our student page

Wednesday's from 5th June - 10th July 2024 (see full schedule below)

Class Times: 5-7pm London Time


Session Content

Week 1

An introduction to working with children and their voices - the first module addresses how we work with children (both one-to-one and in groups). The module includes: Language and understanding; Vocal anatomy; Realistic expectations of what children can achieve; When and how to seek help from other professionals; how this course is assessed.

Week 2

Warm-ups and exercises - the module addresses this topic with specific and particular reference to working with children. The module includes: A warm-up routine that works with children (inc. posture); One-to-one versus group work; Making progress through demonstrable change; Exercises for different ages; Cool downs.

Week 3

The changing voice - this module deals with how a child’s voice develops from infancy to late teens. The module includes: Very young children; The treble voice (pre-pubescent); Girls in puberty; Boys in puberty; Hormones and the teen voice.

Week 4

Vocal health - this module examines the impact of what children eat and drink, and the environment in which they live. The module will includes: Hydration; Food and drink; Allergies and medications; Dealing with illness; The physical environment.

Week 5

Issues and problems - this module looks at common issues that affect a young person’s voice. The module includes: Dysphonia (including muscle tension dysphonia) and vocal pathologies; Performance anxiety; Bad habits; Risky behaviour and other abuse; Mental health.


The assessment will cover the key concepts and topics discussed throughout the course.

It will include a series of questions designed to evaluate your understanding and retention of the material.

The questionnaire format will allow you to provide your responses in a structured manner, ensuring that you can demonstrate your knowledge effectively.

Course Details

Where will the course take place?


What time will the course take place?

The course will run over a five dates and you can attend it in real time or watch it on catch-up.

Course Dates: 

Week 1: Wednesday 5th June 5-7pm

Week 2: Wednesday 12th June 5-7pm

Week 3: Wednesday 19th June 5-7pm

(Wednesday 26th June break - no class)

Week 4: Wednesday 3rd July 5-7pm

Week 5: Wednesday 10th July 5-7pm

Class Times: 5-7pm London Time

Cost: £495

Class Instructor: Olivia Sparkhall

What will you get out of this course?

You will develop as an evidence-based practitioner, gaining confidence in your convictions, and acquiring a bank of key texts to which you can return for clarification and further information.

You will become more assured in your delivery of lesson content as you refresh your prior knowledge and/or gain new understanding of the concepts.

You will be able to ask questions, discuss concepts, and try out ideas. Participation is encouraged, and you will be invited to join in with all exercises (on mute!) to help embed understanding.

Prior reading (optional but recommended)
A Young Person’s Guide to Vocal Health - Olivia Sparkhall (book - £14)

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