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Comparative Vocal Styles: Classical, Belting, Pop, R&B, Country, Rock & Jazz

Tuesday 5th March 2024, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

Not only are there major differences between Classical and Commercial singing techniques, but there are also unique characteristics and variations required by singers to 'authenticate' commercial or pop vocal styles.

In this interactive workshop, participants will have the opportunity to experiment with some of the many elements which comprise different genres, including Classical, Musical Theatre Belting (including its five substyles), Pop, R&B (Soul), Country, Rock and Jazz.

These elements include resonator shaping; vibrato (type, speed, use); larynx height, phrasing (word stress, breath management requirements, dynamics); resonance (degrees of brightness, ring, and nasality); stylisms (e.g. cry, fry, growls, melisma, runs, scatting); vocal fold adduction (clean, blowy, three degrees of breathy); degree of hyoid bone pull; jaw strategies; and even cultural/emotional roots which are integral to understanding the history of each style.

As voice pedagogues, it is very helpful to have at our disposal a large number of 'vocal hacks', not just for vocal technique improvement but for stylistic accuracy as well. Often, a simple tweak in mouth shape can result in a noticeable improvement when producing an authentic sound. All pop is not the same!

Handouts with graphs will be provided for further review as well as a suggested listening list.

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Lisa Popeil

Lisa Popeil (MFA in Voice) is the creator of the Voiceworks® Method, based on 60 years of voice study and 40 years of professional teaching. She has presented the 'Total Singer Workshop' for 20 years, has written 'Sing at the Top of Your Game', and co-written 'Sing Anything: Mastering Vocal Styles', the 'Daily Workout for Pop Singers' and the Total Singer DVD.

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