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Digging Deeper into Mechanisms: How Exercises and Stretching Impact the Voice

Thursday 21st March 2024, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

Deeply embedded into voice care, interventions such as stretching and exercise have a simple premise: stretch what’s tight and strengthen what’s weak. Tight and weak muscles are often seen as culprits needing remediation, but what goes into these interventions? Though pleasantly simple narratives, the mechanisms behind such interventions are nuanced and variable. This short course will guide the learner into a deeper understanding to provide a more straightforward path to client instruction.

Paralleling problems in more general research, outcome-based studies often fail to thoroughly examine the traditional underlying explanations for why a problem exists and how change occurs via the intervention. Those mechanisms are the gap between a problem and a successful outcome. Witness the myriad of approaches claiming success with various aspects of voice. Based on a general complaint, each method tends to claim problems (tightness, weakness, poor form or technique, sub-optimal posture, incorrect breathing, etc.) and set forth to devise a study to remediate the problem. When the problem is helped, the work is seen as a success, but the logic used often falls into post hoc fallacy issues.

Fully vetted and accepted mechanisms of action for voice interventions are rare. How an intervention works is nuanced and can be viewed from various perspectives. Each model tends to be not wrong but also not entirely correct. Does this sound confusing? Join me as we explore this uncertainty and clear a path forward.

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Walt Fritz

US-based physical therapist Walt Fritz teaches a unique interpretation of manual therapy to speech-language pathologists, voice professionals, and other related communities. His gentle, non-manipulative and interactive approach...

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