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Introduction to gender-affirming voice coaching

Tuesday 21st January 2025, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM (London Time)

£30 - UK £30 - International

This introductory short course is aimed at those who work in voice coaching and/or therapy who wish to develop some basic knowledge and skills in working with trans and gender-diverse people to support voice and communication exploration. The course outline has been co-created with an expert by experience and it is anticipated that there will be a short contribution during the session. We will begin with the cultural context and how vocal coaches, voice teachers and voice and communication therapists can build a gender-affirming practice.

We will explore broader aspects of vocal identity and expression before considering:

  • The vocal parameters within power, source and filter, for example pitch, resonance, vocal weight, including a brief look at apps and measuring pitch.
  • The principles of gender-affirming voice exploration, for example motor learning, contrastive practice, hierarchy and feedback, play.

The course will offer a blend of theoretical discussion and practical demonstration and participation, encouraging participants to explore their own voices within the context of gender, identity and behaviour change.

Finally, we will broaden out again to explore transferring vocal behaviours into social interactions, and the challenge of sustaining change in more complex communication settings, such as the telephone and assertive skills. We will include the value of both individual and group work, and using improv and role-playing methodology.

We will look at some recommended resources including online sites.


Suggested course pre-reading: 

Jackson Hearns L. 2018 One Weird Trick: A User's Guide to Transgender Voice. The Voice Lab Inc.

Mills M. & Pert S. 2024 Working with Trans Voice: A Guide to Support and Inspire New, Developing and Established Practitioners. Routledge.

Mills M. & Stoneham G. 2021. Voice and Communication Therapy for trans and Non-Binary People: Sharing the Clinical Space. Jessica Kingsley. 

Mills M. & Stoneham G. 2017 The Voice Book for Trans & Non Binary People. Jessica Kingsley.


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Gillie Stoneham

Gillie has many years experience as a lecturer and specialist practitioner in voice & communication and counselling skills. She began practicing in the field of gender affirming voice and communication in 2006 and established a voice service at the West of England Gender Identity Clinic in 2021 as Consultant SLT.

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