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Navigating Vocal Aging for Singers

Monday 20th January 2025, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (London Time)

£30 - UK £30 - International

As singers approach their senior years, they can benefit greatly from a voice teacher who understands the normal changes involved as they navigate vocal aging. Equipped with knowledge about what affects their voices now, what strategies address the changes, and what vocal limits there may be going forward are important to know. How is resonance affected? Vibration? Respiration?  What exercises can habilitate senior voices? What singing concepts carry through? How is musicianship affected? Range? Vibrato? Coloratura? Dynamics? Diction? Vocal color? Some who look for a voice teacher are lifetime amateurs with experience and pride as volunteer singers. Some are professionals who have had careers and are experiencing changes in their abilities that make it harder to meet professional standards. Others may be very new to singing and now have time to try it out as the healthy activity at this point in their lives.

This course will focus on the realities of aging voices for senior singers and what can be done to address vocal production and peripheral issues that can affect the activity of singing. Teachers can help professional and amateur singers understand, accept, and maintain their voices as they age.

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Karen Brunssen

Mezzo-soprano, Karen Brunssen is Professor and Co-chair of the Department of Music Performance at Bienen School of Music, Northwestern University. 

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