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Singing and Postnatal Mental Health

Tuesday 30th January 2024, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (London Time)

This session will focus on how singing and songwriting can support postnatal mental health. We will cover four main areas:

  1. Why postnatal mental health is a public health priority in the UK, and what it feels like to experience illnesses such as postnatal depression
  2. Why music, and specifically singing, is increasingly used to support wellbeing and why it might be particularly relevant in the postnatal period
  3. Drawing on studies led by the Royal College of Music, London, we will consider cutting-edge evidence for how group singing can speed up recovery from postnatal depression and how online songwriting can reduce postnatal loneliness
  4. Finally, participants will be invited to consider how the findings could support their own practice. Ideas will be shared about how the presented research has sparked new singing initiatives around the world, and attention will be given to the challenges as well as the possibilities of such work. Following the presentation, participants will have the opportunity to share their responses and ask questions

The session aims to raise awareness of the potential for singing to support new parents, drawing on robust research evidence with both parents and singing leaders.

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Professor Rosie Perkins

Rosie Perkins is Professor of Music, Health and Social Science at the Royal College of Music, London. Rosie is based in the RCM’s Centre for Performance Science, where her research investigates two broad areas: how music and the arts support societal wellbeing and how to enhance artists’ wellbeing and career development.

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