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The Diaphragm in Voice: A Touch-Based Approach

Thursday 6th July 2023, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

The importance of the diaphragm as an integral component of voice production is frequently discussed.

In this short, 2-hour course, we will look at options that the voice coach and other professionals can leverage to increase awareness and efficiency of that region. We will review the evidence for the effectiveness of manual therapy with issues relating to the diaphragm region, including breathing, GERD, and performance/pain.

As many do not include touch-based interventions in their approach, we will explore options through client-applied methods. When discussing diaphragm-related interventions, health professionals often infer that they can isolate and selectively impact the diaphragm for treatment (through strengthening or manual therapy). Within this class, we will challenge this notion as we can only access the whole person.

Short of accessing the diaphragm with a scalpel, one cannot narrow the scope of any activity to be diaphragm-specific. In this class, I'll discuss the rationale for such an oppositional viewpoint and then explore intervention strategies for improving awareness, flexibility, and functional abilities (strength).

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Walt Fritz

Since beginning work as a manual therapy educator in the mid-1990s, US-based physical therapist Walt Fritz has more recently evolved into teaching a unique...

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