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The Integration of Voice and Dance Technique: Triple Threat or Double Trouble?

Thursday 20th June 2024, 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM (London Time)

In the world of musical theatre, artists are required to combine the skills of singing, dancing, and acting, which has led to them being referred to as 'Triple Threat' performers. To sing and dance simultaneously requires a high degree of technique integration, but historically training in these disciplines has remained quite segregated. Traditional training methods in dance and voice reveal potential conflicts in areas such as postural alignment, muscle recruitment patterns, and breath mechanics, and in the absence of true integrative training methods, performers are often caught in the middle of these discrepancies, which can leave them vulnerable to injury.

In this session, we will explore these areas of conflict, examine the rationale for these pedagogical choices, and suggest areas for improvement of integration in both training and performance. Topics will include:

  • An exploration of the muscle recruitment patterns in traditional dance training
  • Highlighting the conflicts in breath mechanics between dance and voice techniques
  • The importance of optimal sub-glottal pressure in musical theatre performance
  • Common injuries associated with dance and voice technique integration
  • Technique integration skills to optimise breath for safe vocalising and core stability for movement
  • Suggestions for improving skill integration in pedagogical and performance settings

This session will highlight the key stumbling blocks faced by many musical theatre performers, examine the training and performance cultures in this field, and suggest ways to improve technique integration skills to protect the Triple Threat performers.

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Jennie Morton

After a long performing career as a Ballet dancer, West End Musical Theatre performer, and lead singer of a London-based Big Band, Jennie is now an Osteopath specializing in Performing Arts Medicine. Now based in Los Angeles...

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