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Towards an Evidence Based Pedagogy Framework

Thursday 1st June 2023, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

Since the induction of the term “Evidence-Based Voice Pedagogy (EBVP)”[1] some voice professionals have erroneously inferred that the term is synonymous with science-based, pedagogy, function-based, or fact-based voice pedagogy.

There is a precedent for defining Evidence-Based Voice Pedagogy with a broader understanding since its origins are found in the field of medicine. In the early 1990’s, Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) came to be defined as the integration of individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence.[2] In 2018, the Journal of Singing published an article by Kari Ragan outlining for the first time a framework for EBVP that includes three essential components: 1) Voice Research, 2) Voice Teacher Expertise and Experience, and 3) Student Goals and Perspectives. 

Modeled after EBM, the EBVP framework provides a context for an inclusive perspective of what constitutes evidence in the field of voice training. 

The gold standard for any voice teacher is to achieve efficacy in the form of vocally efficient and artistic performances. Tools necessary to be an effective teacher are acquired through a broad continuum of resources. EBVP is further defined “as the integration of voice teacher expertise and experience, student goals and perspectives, and relevant research into voice science and production to effectively evaluate and identify technical inefficiencies to guide students toward vocally healthy and efficient, stylistically accurate, and artistic performances.”[3]

EBVP is a framework that acknowledges the importance of both scientific and anecdotal evidence, along with consideration of the experience acquired by a teacher, and the importance of individual student needs. This framework was further explored in collaboration with colleagues Lynn Maxfield,[4] Ken Bozeman[5] and Lynn Helding. [6] This workshop presents the tripartite framework as an approach to voice teaching.


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Dr. Kari Ragan

Author, singer, and voice pedagogue Kari Ragan was the 2012 recipient of the coveted Van L. Lawrence Fellowship, which is awarded to candidates who have...

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