From Stage to Sage Research Hub
Thursday 4th November 2-4pm (UK time)

This course will be recorded and sent out to all pre-registered participants to watch in their own time.
Due to licensing laws, we are unable to sell this course retrospectively.

Course Details

We are opening our doors again with our Research Hub where you can listen to an inspiring talk by Dr. Motje Wolf and discuss your research ideas. If you are new to research, you can learn about some core concepts and envisage ways to engage and contribute to the community of practice.

We have created Special Interest Groups to enable you to share ideas and resources. We have scheduled the first one on November 4th, 2 -4pm, and would like to undertake a poll to see who can attend. Please see the outline below:

Research Hub meeting

4 November 2021 2-4pm

2:00 pm Welcome from Debbie and Motje

2:10 pm Talk by Motje:  Embracing community – sharing research where it belongs

Research never happens in isolation. Researching is about connecting to people – especially fellow researchers to build communities of research. MA students are researchers in training and belong to this group as much as long-standing researchers. In this talk, I will pick up on the ideas of Lave and Wenger to introduce our research hub as a community of practice. Drawing on Mayer and Land’s Threshold concepts and Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development, I will highlight the ideas behind the need for this community. As researchers we are custodians of knowledge. In that function, we need to know what to keep, how to ensure quality but also for whom this knowledge is curated. In short, how do we make use of the research that has been developed in the Voice Study Centre over the last years? I will introduce different publishing models to see where each of us can contribute to research in its wider scale, no matter at which level you are in your course.

2:30 Discussion

2:55 Break

3:00 Breakout rooms

  1. Vocal Health – Kate Cubley
  2. Singing For Health – Emily Foulkes
  3. Performance Anxiety and Coaching – Teresa Shaw
  4. Vocal Pedagogy – Motje Wolf
  5. Getting Started in Research – Debbie Winter

3:50 Group Feedback

Hosted by Debbie Winter, Dr. Motje Wolf, Teresa Shaw, Emily Foulkes and Kate Cubley.

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