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TELESCOPIC GLOBALITY: Exploring the One/ALL Paradox in Voice Learning Facilitation

Tuesday 19th March 2024, 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (London Time)

As voice teachers and coaches, we're really in the learning game and, even more specifically, the somatic learning game because not only is singing an artform, it is a dynamic physical action connected with our whole self at all times – from early development to now. However, the principles of deep somatic learning are rarely taught to us as performers and/or vocal educators, and as a result it is quite common for us to apply non-somatic, mechanical principles to the deeply somatic project of improving our singing. This can lead to what is known as ‘septic focus’ – the tendency to look at a problem in isolation from its context which leads to quick and superficial fixes being passed off as learning. We see this in the ubiquitousness of ‘quick fixes’ and fitness solutions to vocal issues.

So, how do we move away from ‘septic focus’ and learn to facilitate genuine learning? Well, first we need to understand that we might know all the fancy stuff about vocal technique and voice science, acoustics and performance practices, but in order to facilitate integrated learning with another human being in need of embodying and integrating, not just superimposing, this knowledge into who they are requires a very different kind of thinking.

One very important principle to start working with right away, if somatic learning facilitation is your goal, is ‘telescopic globality’ – a term I coined to describe the phenomenon of focusing in on one detail of a system or action while simultaneously and proportionally zooming out to include more and more of the overall system/self in one's awareness all in one go (aka the ‘One/ALL Paradox’). Once mastered, this ability – which can feel like an impossibility at first – to be here and there at the same time, to think big and small at the same time, frees our students (and us) from the tyranny of ‘quick fixes’ and the dreaded ‘septic focus’ trap that keep us from truly enjoying full functionality in learning and performance.

In this two-hour workshop, we will:

- Be fully introduced to the concept of ‘telescopic globality’, in general and in voice training;

- Experience the phenomenon for ourselves to see what a difference it makes when learning and improving vocal function;

- Explore and practice simple ways of incorporating ‘telescopic globality’ into each of our singing and teaching practices.

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Robert Sussuma

Robert Sussuma (MMus., GCFP), holds two degrees in vocal performance, has taught at many colleges and universities (including Naropa University, PACE...

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