Voice Study Centre Alumni to Present at Choice For Voice Conference

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This year’s Choice For Voice conference, hosted by the BVA, will see 8 Voice Study Centre Alumni presentations:

  • Building resilience through voice and singing for children and young people with adverse childhood experiences – Emily Foulkes
  • Attitudes to singing in adolescent males – Linnea Markgren
  • Can a student’s learning be optimised by a teaching approach that is less directive, encouraging self-efficacy? – Jenny F Morgan
  • An investigation into the impact of ear canal occlusion upon pitch accuracy and volume perception within singing – Carrie Birmingham
  • An exploration into the viability of holistic singing for pain management – Emily Foulkes
  • An investigation into raising proprioceptive awareness in community singers with Parkinson’s through Laban-based movement warmups integrated into vocal sessions – Elizabeth Drwal (Stuttard)
  • Facilitating the full voice: Exploring ‘first access’ to the upper vocal registers of untrained, male CCM singers aged 16 – 19 – Joanna Sear
  • Does good vocal health matter? An investigation into vocal health habits of adult amateur singers and their therapeutic journeys for voice disorders – Jo Levett

As well as 4 Posters:

  • Understanding Alexander technique: Corroborating the method for use in the vocal studio – Emma J. Sweeny
  • Creating of an accessible toolkit for teachers and dyslexic students to aid in teaching dyslexic students how to read music with an aim to assisting them to pass music exams – Deborah E. Aloba
  • An investigation into the impact of accent method breathing training on the choral singer – Suzanne Chadwick
  • Emotional intent and its impact on the singing voice – Beccy Hurrell

We’d like to wish everyone involved a huge congratulations and best of luck!

You can find out more about the BVA conference here! 

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