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We’re very excited to be working with Teresa Shaw in the development of the Coaching and Mentoring course, as she is leading the way with pioneering research in this area.

Her recent publication on ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Training) is a landmark research paper, which shows that it is possible to successfully train singing teachers to deliver Acceptance and Commitment Coaching as a means of treating the devastating impacts of MPA (Music Performance Anxiety).

Music Performance Anxiety affects approximately 15-25% of professional musicians (Fishbein et al., 1988). Symptoms of MPA often manifest in various forms such as; cognitive, physiological and behavioural traits, all of which can be damaging to performance quality and mental health, if left untreated.

Teresa’s journey into academic research and publication stems from her early life as a high-level professional performer in the worlds of opera, she was a soloist at the English National Opera, appeared in concert at the BBC Proms and with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and London Symphony Orchestra. In addition to this, Teresa has had a succession of film credit recordings such as The Lord of the Rings, Kung Fu Panda and The Phantom Menace.

Her career was bought to an abrupt end when she suffered crippling MPA, which was exacerbated by her increasing levels of success, this eventually led her into an academic pathway, with a view to providing safety strategies and resolutions for other performers.

Teresa continues to expand her knowledge on both Voice Pedagogy, MPA, and Coaching and Mentoring, having presented her research at the 2019 Voice Geek Conference, The Voices Foundation Symposium in and as a keynote speaker at the AOTOS conference 2020.

She has stated that she ‘hopes that ongoing research within this field will ensure it is common-place for singing and music teachers to identify, understand and assist their students in coping with MPA, using methods that can be put into place safely, in non-clinical settings’.

If you are interested in further developing your coaching and mentoring skills as a singing or music teacher, why not consider our upcoming course? Hosted by Teresa.

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