Virtual Open Day: Student Presentations

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Our Open Day gives you the exciting opportunity to hear about original research conducted by our MA Students. This research ranges from investigating strategies for pedagogical innovation to understanding the facets of vocal performance.

Jo Sear

Jo Sear’s research focuses on developing teaching strategies for emergent pedagogical disciplines such as Pop, Rock and Soul. She has also researched how teachers can navigate physiological barriers to Voice Registers, and the factors that influence voice register changes in singing. She has focused on developing young male voices and exploring the passagio and upper register of CCM singers.

Avril Crawford

Avril Crawford’s research focuses on adolescent voice mutation in both girls and boys. She has investigated the psychological impact of voice change and the physiological changes and psychological issues that impact on performance. She has also conducted research into teaching strategies in musical theatre singing, for students with specific learning difficulties.

Jono McNeil

Jono McNeil’s research focuses on how authentic artistry can be developed in performers within the world of the contemporary singing voice. He has explored how artists communicate their identities through vocal stylistic devices. His recent work on Frank Ocean explores artistic authenticity and he has developed an authenticity framework for teachers to use.

Olivia Sparkhall

Olivia Sparkhall’s research has focused on the vocal health of children and how to create resources for students to use in caring for their voices. She has also investigated inclusion within group singing, and her research has included the creation of a mass for unison voices and piano, to be sung and signed using Makaton.




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